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What to Look Out For In an Eco-Friendly Fridge Freezer

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Finding yourself an eco-friendly fridge-freezer isn't only going to help the environment - it's also a great saver on your energy bills. Technology has come a long way and newer models are far more efficient than the older ones. It is generally expected that cooling appliances, such as fridge freezers, are the second highest contributor to energy bills after central heating. This makes sense, since they are the only appliance that needs to be on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With this in mind, it's well worth looking into the energy consumption of an appliance before deciding on a purchase. Even if your old appliance is working well, replacing your old model could turn out to be a fantastic long-term investment. Integrated models Investing in an integrated fridge freezer model is going to be far more energy efficient than having a separate fridge and freezer. While the integrated model is likely to use more energy than each individual appliance, it's much better than having to power two appliances constantly. Purchasing the one appliance, rather than two, is also likely to be much cheaper. Picking the right size It's important to ensure you choose the right size fridge freezer. Larger models will use more energy than small or medium sized models, which will cost more to power. In the long run, extra space that you aren't going to need is going to be a bad investment. Naturally, if you have a large family to feed, then you are going to need more room. Having to get an additional appliance further down the line is going to add both to your energy bills and your purchase costs. The need to keep an old appliance around, to make up for insufficient space, is also going to add substantially to energy cost. You should put some research into the size of the appliance you are going to need. Capacities are displayed on models and measured in litres, giving you a good idea of the space offered inside. Designs and extras Design differences do have an impact on energy efficiency. The most efficient types of fridge freezer have the freezer positioned at the top, while those with the freezer positioned at the bottom are generally the second most efficient. Models with each of the integrated appliances positioned side by side are usually the least energy efficient available. Extra features such as ice makers can also drive up energy usage; a model with an ice maker can use as much as 20 per cent more electricity than models that don't have this added extra. It might not be as convenient, but making your ice cubes the old fashioned way, with an ice cube tray, will work out much more economically and ecologically friendly. Energy efficiency ratings It's easy to tell an appliance's energy efficiency rating. All fridges and freezers sold in Britain are required by law to carry a European Union energy label, which gives their rating by letter. Ratings range from A++ as the most efficient and cost-effective, to G, as the least efficient. Generally it's only really older models that carry these less effective ratings. Related Posts: The Best Eco-Friendly Freezers: A Step Towards Lessening our Carbon Footprint Kitchen Energy and How Easily We Waste It Top Energy-Saving Refrigerators: Cut Your Fridge's Energy Consumption with these Ideas What Changes Can You Make Around Your Home to Save Money? Eco Heat Pumps - The Viable Winter Solution




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