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Top Green Hospitals in US and How Did They Get There

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Going green is a major trend in our days. The majority of the people are thinking about what they could do for green living, and the hospitals are no exceptions. Some of them took green living to a whole new level and they have become a source of inspiration for the entire community. Boulder Community Foothills It is interesting to know about the hospital that it was the first one to get a LEED certificate. The priorities of the hospital (besides saving lives) include water efficiency, ventilation and energy consumption. It was the indoor environment that convinced people of the dedication of the hospital. Bronson Methodist Hospital This is a non-profitable hospital with over 400 beds. The management of the hospital decided to only use products that don't contain lead, to reduce air pollution, to recycle recyclable materials, and to make the best of indoor lighting. Kaiser Permanente The hospital has been awarded for using the least toxic products and materials. The carpet used doesn't contain any PVC. The medical products like tubing and blood bags are also free of PVC. Besides the lack of PVC in the medical tools, the hospital is also proud of the fact that the tools used don't contain lead either. Laguna Honda Hospital Laguna Honda Hospital has been the first green hospital in San Francisco. It earned its certificate through sustainable building structure, the use of organic cleaning products, low VOC caused by medical substances, and efficient furnishing and indoor lighting. Lauder Center for Maternity Care The success of this hospital comes from the lack of PVC in the hospital, low energy consumption, and the use of sustainable resources and materials. The hospital becomes even more interesting when people find out how difficult it is to reach the hospital and still the staff worked very hard to achieve this recognition. Providence Newberg Hospital The patients (and not only) should know about this hospital that it comes with a healing garden along with native air freshener plants, unique ventilation, and the reduction of energy use. Legacy Health System Salmon Creek Hospital While the majority of the hospitals use PVC wall coverings, this hospital opted for recycled aluminum. In the same time the installations of the hospital are PVL free and the products are low in VOC. Although the majority of the patients don't have the possibility to choose a hospital based on its "greenness", this is definitely a criteria to consider. Related Posts: Discarded Palm Leaves for Waste Water Treatment 10 Eco Friendly Nursery Ideas for Your New Born Nature Synchronized Living Spaces For A Greener Life The Many Advantages Of Green Assisted Living! What makes a great Garden Office? (Infographic)




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