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Want to Save Money on Energy This Year? Top tips

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It's the start of a new year and just a glance out the window at the 'changeable' weather will prove beyond doubt that global warming really is a problem. Saving energy is more important now than ever, but it's hard to see what you alone can do to affect a global problem. If the state of the environment isn't enough to persuade you to save on energy, then there is definitely something that will: the state of your finances. Saving money makes sense, not only for the environment, but also for your pocket, so follow these easy tips to save some money on energy bills this year. Energy saving light bulbs People have been banging on about energy saving light bulbs for years, but should you be paying attention? They can cost up to four pounds a go and considering you can get a normal light bulb for as little as 50p it may not seem worth it. The answer however, is yes, you should be paying attention! An energy-saving light bulb may cost a little more initially, but just one bulb can save you nine pounds a year on your electricity bill - which works out at up to a £100 saving over its lifetime. If you multiply this by the number of light bulbs you have in your house, then this saving becomes significant - so a little initial expense could save you a lot, long-term. Washing machines and dishwashers Some people consider washing machines and especially dishwashers as the height of modern decadence, but what many people don't know is that these could actually save you money. Modern dishwashers actually use less water and energy than doing the washing up by hand, as they make the water and detergent go further. When buying a washing machine or dishwasher, there is no point looking for a 'bargain' that will end up costing you a fortune to run. Opt for a sensibly priced model that consumes a low amount of energy. To save having to pay for two machines that take up twice the amount of space, you should have a look for a decent washer dryer. Cooking The key to saving energy when cooking is to only use as much as you need and no more! When you're using a pan make sure that it fits the hob, as a pan that is too big for the hob will waste a significant amount of energy. Also, when boiling water in a pan you should always use a lid, as this will save a significant amount of energy and money. When treating yourself to a British staple - the cup of tea - you should only fill the kettle with the amount of water you intend to use. It may surprise you to learn that heating water uses a huge amount of energy; the energy it takes to boil one cup of water could light a whole house all night, so make sure you're accurate when filling the kettle. Related Posts: Think Green, Repair Instead Of Replacing Green Up in Every Room Green Tips for a Healthier Pocket Orbital Wash - A New Way To Green Wash 2012 Summer and Useful Tips to Save Energy




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