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Unlocking the promise of disruptive technologies

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In late February I was part of a Guardian Sustainable Business Roundtable, made possible by Forum partner Kyocera, on the power of disruptive technologies. Here are my takeaways from what was a pretty wide-ranging conversation. Disruptive technologies are part of what we need, but only part. The pace of technological innovation is an important driver of wider change, so harnessing that is crucial. But not all problems can be solved by technology, and some are made worse. The digital revolution is helping to widen inequality, because those who have world-class skills can win at a global scale, while those who only have mediocre skills no longer win in their local market (think how pop music is dominated by a few global stars, compared to 100 years ago when there were many, many more local performers) We won't get to a sustainable future by pushing disruptive technology alone. read more




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