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Plummeting Solar Panel Prices help Surge in Popularity of Renewable Energy

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Until recently, anyone who had their heart set on installing a solar panel of some sort on the roof of their property may have baulked at the cost, but recent falls in the cost of photovoltaic (PV) panels may render them a little more affordable. Although take-up of solar panels has increased, the total income from solar, wind and biofuels has remained static. Greater access It's no secret that renewable energy will be needed more in the coming years, especially with insecurity over fossil fuels and nuclear power, but will prices falling slightly lower than usual be enough to tempt people into getting green energy for their premises? The report from CleanEdge suggested that it could. Usually, anyone with a keen interest in installing PV solar panels or any other form of green energy generator would either have to save up and wait for a considerable period of time before being able to pay for it or look for help from a bank. Fortunately, access to green energy has been partially widened by government initiatives including the Green Deal. Is state help enough? In an attempt to try and show their green credentials, the current coalition government have created the Green Deal, a programme designed to boost use of green technology by businesses and households. It hasn't quite taken off as first hoped, but that and other possible incentives for people to buy solar panels are there. Feed-in tariffs are another incentive available for people to generate their own solar power. Feed-in tariffs are part of the Government's Clean Energy Cash Back scheme, in which those who install solar PV can receive payments for low carbon electricity produced. There is also payment for any surplus energy fed into the grid. The future for solar power With the cost of solar power falling to roughly $2.50 per watt, this suggests that awareness of solar technology is set to continue growing. For the consumer, this is terrific news, but there is a hint of uncertainty about what this trend could mean for companies who produce panels as well as other forms of green technology. A number of people believe that the falling cost of solar power and panels could actually help those companies. As it becomes cheaper, more homes and businesses could feel inclined to buy solar panels to help generate a proportion of the electricity they need, which for those businesses and the wider world is surely a good thing. Katy Jones, of renewable specialists Dulas Ltd, said of the news, "It's true that the installed price of solar PV has reduced in recent months and the feed-in tariff still makes solar PV a financially viable option. Related Posts: NREL Optimization Will Provide More US Green Energy Conserve Energy With Home Solar Panels Solar Panel Producers Ready To Recycle The Solar Panels Waste Can't Afford to Buy Solar Panels? Consider Leasing Making Solar Power Affordable




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