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Importancia de energía eólica

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Para analizar la importancia que posee la energía eólica hay que tener en cuenta todos los eslabones de la cadena que son necesarios para fabricar o para desmontar los aerogeneradores que forman un parque eólico. En Enerenovable os queremos explicar a continuación, como funcionan estos parques y la gran importancia de la energía eólica en nuestras vidas, y como una alternativa de futuro. Índice del artículo: Funcionamiento parque.




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I saw the movie for The Hunger Games. I figured Ie28099d do a post about some of the sieitarilims and differences. So here goese280a6.I thought the movie was extremely close to the actual book. While I was watching it I noticed it even used some of the same lines as in the book. I was a little worried that the movie wouldne28099t be close to the book and somewhat ruin the plot of the story, like some of the Harry Potter movies did. Thankfully the movie was really close to the book. There were only a few minor changes. The first major change that I noticed is how Katniss gets the pin. In the book, she gets it form Madge (Mayor of District 12 s daughter) not from in the Hob like in the movie. This is a very big difference because it is pretty symbolic how Katniss got the pin. I thought all the characters had good actors chosen to play the role. Another difference is at the end when the dogs chasing the last 3 remaining tributes. The dogs were supposed to be more like beasts and the eyes were supposed to match the dead tributes. This might have been a little too creepy for some of the audience the producers were trying to attract. Also Catoe28099s death wasne28099t as violent as it was in the book in the movie. I also was informed that there was some foreshadowing about events that happen in the next book. Some of the scenes in the movie were from the second book rather than the first.All in all, this movie was extremely close to what happened in the book. I thought it was a great movie to go along with a great book. I loved it and I think I am going to see it again. I would recommend you read the book and then see the movie but the movie is a must see.

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