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Culture inspired innovation: India

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As we have seen simple changes in technology have big impacts on behaviours. Other key drivers in changing behaviours are perceptions and the built environment. In India, people are unlikely to wash clothes in hot water unless someone within the household is ill because heat is perceived as a tool to aid hygiene rather than cleanliness. This is not only considerably less resource intensive, but also greatly improves the longevity of clothes. In both India and Brazil, households tend to have a designated laundry area containing the washing machine, sink, and drying space. Keeping the process within one area, out of the way from the rest of the house, can help in organising the process and make it more efficient. People who did not have a designated laundry area used the tumble dryer to dry clothes more often because they didn't like having wet clothes draped over furniture and radiators in their apartments. read more




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