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Creating #theBIGshift: We launch our new report

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I have a confession to make: my boiler is wired wrong. It might not sound too important, but it means I have to turn the heating on to have a hot shower, even in the summer. I haven't had time to sort it out, and I feel very guilty that I'm contributing to warming the planet even more than usual and in a month where we hit 400ppm! My tiny broken system points to the challenge facing the whole energy system - it too is wired wrongly for sustainability. Fossil fuel growth, failure to scale low carbon solutions, rising prices, lack of access to energy and a disengaged consumer all contribute to the need for a big shift in energy. 'What's new?' you might ask. Well, I think we're at a crossroads. And I'm not alone. At the Green Energy Conference yesterday Jim Woods predicted that we were on the cusp of the next industrial revolution. read more




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