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Bottling it?

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As you take a swig from that plastic bottle, consider this: in the UK we use two million plastic bottles every day. That's 600,000 tonnes of plastic every year. Pic courtesy of Marc E Marc via Flickr (CC) And although we have made huge advances in recycling plastic, we still only recycle half of that total - and most of that goes to Asia. That's a lot of energy and resources wasted. And due to littering, and the fact that plastic is seen as having relatively little value, too much of that plastic finds its way into the natural world, especially into our oceans. Some companies are trying to address this. Pespico launched a 100% recycled bottle for 7Up last year. Levi's is recycling plastic bottles into its jeans. And Ecover has just announced a great initiative to recover plastics from the sea, with the help of the fishing industry, and use these to make more sustainable packaging. read more




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