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6 Eco-friendly Gift Wrap Ideas

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In this wasteful world, it is very important to keep your tab on austerity. Use and reuse have to be prioritized sufficiently to avoid our future generations from having to bear the brunt of our irresponsible lifestyle. So here are 6 eco friendly gift wrapping ideas that you can adapt for this year's holiday gifting. 1. Fabric This is the best way to wrap your gift. You could use any fabric that covers the gift and go creative with its layout. Fabric has been used in the south eastern countries since ancient times. In Japan it holds the status of an art form called Furoshiki. It is not only a novel gift wrapping solution, but also an eco friendly option. Use old drapes, pillow or cushion cases and even stoles. Knot it, pin it or just put it together with a ribbon. 2. Clay Pots Available everywhere including your garage, clay pots come in all shapes and sizes. They not only hold your gifts in place but can also be used to store your trinkets later. If it is a larger pot then you could use it to pot your favorite seasonal plant or use as a flower vase. 3. Newspaper Wraps Special edition newspapers come in color print. They carry photographs and hence look colorful enough to be used as a gift wrapping paper. You can use stickers, ribbons, sequins and other decorative items for making it more attractive and personalized. 4. Calendars This is the end of the year and is the right time to put your aging calendar to good use. The sheets are generally thick enough to hold weight and also come in colorful prints. Wrap the gift with the printed side up and highlight the floral or other patterns that appear on the print. Alternately, if the reverse side is plain, you can add stickers and other decorative items from your craft bag to make a great looking gift wrapping paper. 5. Cloth Bags Many stores give cloth bags to carry your purchases in. Save these bags and use them creatively as gift bags. They are eco friendly and also reusable. Flannel, cotton and burlap are the materials that cloth bags come in. 6. Recycled Paper Bags If you have to use a new paper bag from the store then the best way to go eco friendly is to choose gift bags made of recycled paper. Today they are available in aesthetic patterns and designs. Photo Credit: ( Related Posts: Wrap The Green Way For A Greener Gift Be Creative With Recycled Gifts Save The World By Giving Eco Friendly Gifts Paper Or Plastic? Convenient Shopping With An Eco Friendly Bag




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