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10 Eco Friendly Nursery Ideas for Your New Born

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Green living is deemed as the big revolution to take over our planet, for the planet. An eco friendly living contributes to create a healthy environment and a healthy you. In this direction, giving a green nursery to your newborn that is free of toxic substances is a lovely idea. Here are some design ideas for an eco friendly nursery. 1. Oeuf Cribs Equip your nursery with Oeuf cribs. The cribs are produced and marketed by a venture that aims to provide eco friendly product. Right from the raw material to the packaging, everything that they use is recyclable. Environment friendly processes are used in the production of these products. They are available at 2. Mattresses Beds and mattresses made from organic cotton and lined with organic fabric are available at Snuggle Bugz. They are produced from cotton grown without pesticides and hence reduce the toxic substances that reach your baby and cause harm. 3. Wall Paper Graham & Brown produces the eco-collection range of wallpapers that are produced using non-volatile organic compounds. This means these chemicals are not released with time and hence keep your baby free from toxic reactions. Choose your designs from 4. Rug Eco friendly rugs from Dwell's Studio are perfect for your toddlers. They are made from tufted wool and have no traces of formaldehyde or other toxic chemicals which are a part of regular synthetic rugs. The dyes used are also natural and do not contain any lead or other heavy metals that harm the little ones. 5. Changing Pad Most changing pads used when changing diapers are made from vinyl. This means the product contains many volatile chemicals that cause rashes and allergic reactions in the baby. The eco friendly all fabric changing pads from is a good offering for your child. 6. Rocking Chair The website is a place where you can find eco friendly furniture for your baby's nursery. We particularly like this rocking chair made from renewable material and free from toxic chemicals that could harm your child in the long run. 7. Bedding The bedding available at is made of organic cotton sheets that are pesticide free and chemical free. They ensure that your baby is not in direct contact with toxic materials from the bedding. 8. Lamp A table lamp is a must in every nursery. Choose ones that are made from eco friendly material such as paper mache and recycled glass. The website stocks a variety of such green alternatives to lighting solutions. 9. Air Purifier Eco friendly air purifiers from are ozone free and energy efficient. It removes even minute impurities so that your baby breathes easy. 10. Room Decor Natural wooden toys from also double up as room décor. Choose these multipurpose décor items for their bright colors made from natural lead free dyes and non-VOC paints. Photo Credit: ( Related Posts: Kinds And Advantages Of Using Organic Beddings Organic Crib Mattress For Your Little One The Green Daycare Concept and Why to Choose It 6 Eco-friendly Gift Wrap Ideas Save The World By Giving Eco Friendly Gifts




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