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17.MAY.2010 | publicado por: admin

Salvaje Salvación: Salva a las especies de la extinción.

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Viaja con Iago y Tania para ayudar a las distintas especies. Juego para niños. Fundación Biodiversidad.





recuperación y conservación


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15.AGO.2013 / 06h48goSnG1RZ6TJ

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07.AGO.2013 / 07h45QmlERCdd

Immaculee Ilibagiza has been living in a baotrhom for months now, hiding. She was hiding because the Hutu's are killing the Tutsi's and immaculee and the 7 other women have been hiding with the pastor Murinzi. Immaculee has just been told the Hutu's are going to check all over the house this time. Immaculee now has a choice. Her choice is to either stay in hiding and risk being found and killed or risk going outside without getting killed and going to camp and have a 50/50 chance to not even get in. Immaculee knew that she would finally be found in the baotrhom so it's time to make a move.Pastor Murinzi had to get some help without being seen with Tusti's. Pastor gathered his children and told them about the girls. The children were kind of mad but got over it. They helped the girls outside and huddled them so the Hutu's could not see. Immaculee and the girls go t there and had to speak to the camp guards. The guards questioned them thinking they were Hutu spies but soon found out that they were not. Immaculee was there safe and sound for now

18.MAY.2010 / 17h04Permafrost

Divertido :-D

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