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28.FEB.2012 | publicado por: admin

Diseñando un futuro sostenible.

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15.AGO.2013 / 06h48YP5RInT5rp

Yeah, before too long she'll have a bakstcory, some friendships and a gay experience or fifty. Seriously though, the cartoonist does do great work building complex characters out of a one-note personality (read; Leslie, Mike, Joe).The big difference with Dumbing of Age in my opinion, is that in DoA the characters started out complex, rather than building it up. Except DoA!Joe and DoA!Mike. They're just jerks. [url=]gmjcvcnyy[/url] [link=]cyfhxoyhpcw[/link]

07.AGO.2013 / 07h45scEvIWArDlCs

im readinga book caleld identical by ellen hopkins.Kaeleigh and reannae are the main charractors. they are identical twins but are are almost polar opposites. with their dad being a judge with a drinking problem and verry controlling and thie so caleld mom running for senator there isnt enough love to go around. the book is verry good and addicting written in poetry every page is a different poen giveing another detail of their messed up lives. kaeleigh is a smart girl who is in love with her best friend ian but cant truely love him. she cant love him because of the misplaced way her dad loves her . with his wife on the road he has turned to his daughter to satisfy his digusting wants since she was verry young. reannae is a rebellous girl who is jellous of kaeleigh her sister. she wants despersately for her dads love but is overshadowed by her sister and doesnt understand. she does drugs and has sex to rebell aginst her dad and and to maybe get his attention for just a second. in the end it turns out they were in a terrible accident killing reanne and kalie developed multiple personalities to cope with the sexual abuse of her father and absence of her mother. the question i had at the end of the boo is will she ever beable to be okay.

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