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15.OCT.2010 | publicado por: juancagiao

Informe Planeta Vivo 2010

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Informe de WWF sobre la situación en la que se halla el planeta Tierra y análisis de los cambios necesarios para su recuperación



cambio climático


políticas y planes



04.AGO.2013 / 19h44bMpmQGsF

Jul16Marty Fried Thanks, Christopher to be honest, at first I wasn't aware of the viausl editor's habit of using full URLs, so in checking that out, I learned something to watch out for. I really don't like the viausl editor personally, but I'm pretty fluent in HTML .I also don't really know of good terms, unless you use partial and complete ; but I suspect most non-technical users probably don't really know the finer points of the terminology, so I usually try to be overly descriptive when I tell them about it.Thanks for the post, by the way. One question, though: does it work automatically? I might want to use it, as my last site got a few bogus URLs because I initially put it up on my demo site, and the user I was working with that added content ended up inserting a few before I told her about it; now I understand how it probably happened, so in the future, your function might help prevent this.BTW, I came across your site on the WP-hackers list; I was curious to see if it was really the name of your domain. You'll be glad to know it is. -Marty Fried

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